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Our First Home Study Meeting

I used to think that a Homestudy only took place in the home.  I have now learned that it’s actually a multi-step process, which includes 3 trips to the agency, 1 visit to our home, and a whole lot of paperwork!  We met with our Social Worker this afternoon, and were even more certain of our decision to adopt when we left.  Our Social Worker was extremely thorough in answering all of our questions – and believe me there were a lot!! Our next steps are to complete our formal application, acquire clearance forms from our doctors (Olivia’s, too), obtain our driving reports, complete a child abuse clearance, and have fingerprinting done for our criminal background check.   I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed, but also confident that these steps will be completed in the next 2-3 weeks.  The only piece of the meeting that was a bit difficult to hear was the response to the questions – “How often does a birth mother change her mind, after the baby is born?”  Our social worker estimated that approximately 60% of birth mothers decided to keep their baby, once it has arrived.  I know that I shouldn’t really be surprised by this statistic, however it was still difficult to hear.  We just need to focus on our belief that the right child will come into our family when the time is right, and try not to get “too attached” to a specific child into he/she is officially ours.  I have a feeling that will be easier said than done!

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