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Flossing is Fun!

img_1656 img_1657   I’m not sure why, but Olivia is afraid of flossing.  We have even tried the fun color flossers that are supposed to taste like grape.  Today, I tried to make flossing a bit more fun for her.  We flossed a Duplo!
Here are the materials that you need:

  • Duplo (one of the 2×4 blocks)
  • Play doh
  • An old tooth brush
  • A piece of yarn
  • Olivia’s flossers

Before doing any flossing, I gave Olivia the chance to just have fun with the play doh.  After awhile, we started making different foods with the play doh – making sure that she knew that it wasn’t real food ant that she couldn’t eat it!  Then we took the food and put it in between the pegs of the Duplo, pretending that the Duplo was teeth.  I showed her that using a img_1662tooth brush on the fronts of the pegs wouldn’t get the “food” img_1658out.  Instead we had to use our floss.  First we used a big piece of yarn.  We placed in into the “food” and pulled, and it came right out.  Then I told her that I wondered if her flossers would make the food come out, too.  Olivia predicted that it would, and she was correct!  After the activity, Olivia was excited to put the flossers into her own mouth, and she liked watching me use them on my teeth.  However, she still didn’t want me using them the right way on her (she was just sticking them in her mouth – not using them in between her teeth).  Oh, well.  Some progress was made, and we had fun doing the activity!

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