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img_1563 img_1569Since it is Dental Health Month, I wanted to teeth Olivia a little bit about taking care of her teeth.  We started with an Usborne book called, Going to the Dentist.  We also talked about Olivia’s visits to her dentist.  Her last visit was in November so I’m not sure how much she really remembered, except for the prizes that she got at the end!  For today’s craft we painted a tooth using white paint and a tooth brush.  Olivia thought that using a tooth brush to paint was hysterical.  She was actually a bit hesitant, at first, but once I assured her that it was okay, she had a great time!  To make the tooth, I simply drew a tooth onto a piece of yellow construction paper.  Pay no attention to Olivia’s summer dress.  Haha.  Today was a stay at home day for us, so she got to choose her own outfit – a summer Ariel dress with Christmas Elf pants!


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