Preschool Blog

Happy Valentine’s Day!

img_1299 img_1300Poor Olivia was a bit confused this morning.  She woke up wondering what gifts were waiting for her in the living room!  I guess we weren’t very clear that Valentine’s Day isn’t a huge gift giving holiday like Christmas.  She was a trooper though when she found out that we only had one gift for her!  Luckily it was the Cinderella working dress that she wanted.
We also did a few other things to make the holiday more fun.  One thing that we did was write cute messages to her on construction paper hearts, and then covered her bedroom door with the hearts.  We also made it a day full of heart shaped food.  There were heart shaped pancakes for lunch, heart shaped pizzas for dinner, and fruit kabobs full of heart shaped fruit for dessert.  The heart shaped fruit was actually much easier than I expected.  It was the pizzas that gave me trouble.  I think that the cookie cutter that I was using wasn’t quite sharp enough for the pizza dough.   They were all a hit with Olivia!


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