Preschool Blog

That’s One Yummy Snowman!

img_1004We have a bit of a sweet tooth in our house, so it just made sense to make a snowman out of snacky treats.  Before gluing any parts onto the snowman, I took a large piece of construction paper and drew three circles onto it.  Olivia loved gluing marshmallows onto the circles, to complete the snowman’s body (although I think more ended up in her belly than on the paper).  Luckily she is a good listener, and didn’t eat any marshmallows that had glue on them!  After completing the circles, we added some M & M buttons, regular chocolate chip eyes, mini chocolate chips for the mouth, and a leftover candy corn for his nose.  I think that if we do this craft again next year, I will make sure we have a bigger variety of small candies in our cabinets so that Olivia has more choices to make (instead of me just telling her where to put everything).  Even with it being a completely Mommy-led activity, she still had plenty of fun!

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