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Almost Groundhog’s Day!

img_1350img_1348We’ve been having some very cold weather (and a whole lot of snow) lately!  I’m definitely ready for some warmer weather, and hoping Punxsutawney Phil does not see his shadow tomorrow!  Olivia had no idea what I was talking about when I tried to explain Groundhog’s Day to her, so we went to You Tube and watched the video of Punxsutawney Phil from 2015.  She still had a very confused look on her face, but loved today’s shadow activity!

Last night, while she was sleeping, I gathered a bunch of items (a plastic tea cup, hair bow, fork, sunglasses, dress up shoe, and a tiara).  My plan was to use a flashlight to display shadows of these objects on the wall and it worked great!  I was able to use my husband’s flashlight, which has a button that locks the flashlight in the on position.  I placed the flashlight on one of Olivia’s chairs, and stood a cardboard box next to it so that she couldn’t peek at the objects.  I sat behind the chair, holding up each of the objects, one by one, in front of the flashlight.  Olivia had a ton of fun guessing the names of each of the objects!

Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow does not scare him back into his hole for 6 more weeks of winter!img_1347

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