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Profile Time

While at the meeting yesterday, we had the opportunity to look at some of the books that other adoptive families had submitted to the agency.  We will also need to create one of these profile books, so that it can be shown to prospective birthparents.  The birthparents will be given all of the books for the prospective adoptive families that are a “match.”  Both the adoptive and birth parents need to fill out a form indicating their wishes for the adoption.  These wishes may pertain to race, medical history, and other details about the families.  A “match” is made when the situation and wishes of the birthparents match the situation and wishes of the prospective adoptive parents.  I spent a significant amount of time online viewing additional profile samples, and started gathering phots that we wish to use in our profile book.  I will be viewing a webinar on February 10th, presented by the website that will provide me with additional information, so that I can create our profile.

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