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It’s a Sun Shiny Day!

img_2488Sunny days are my favorite! Even on those bitter cold days, I love to look outside and watch the sun glistening off of the snow! With Valentine’s Day coming up, I wanted to have Olivia make something that connected Valentine’s Day and sunshine. She had fun making a heart-shaped suncatcher.

Here are the materials that we used:
– 2 pieces of clear contact paper (about 12 inches long)
– 2 pieces of construction paper (Olivia chose purple) Tissue paper.

I pre-cut 2 hearts of the same size out of the construction paper, to act as a frame for the suncatcher. I also pre-cut tissue paper into small squares. I used the colors that make me think of Valentine’s Day – different shades of purple, pink, and red. Olivia is becoming very interested in using scissors, (and even got a pair from Santa for Christmas), so I saved some of the cutting for her. I taped one of the pieces of contact paper (sticky side up) to her table and had her place the small squares of tissue paper onto it. Once the contact paper was cover with tissue paper, I removed the back of the second piece of contact paper, and placed it on top (sticky side touching the tissue paper). Last, we taped the heart frames to the contact paper, and I trimmed the edges. Olivia loved bringing it to the kitchen to tape it to the window, so that she could watch the sun shine through!

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