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Decisions, Decisions

Tonight we attended an informational session at a local adoption agency.  The meeting was extremely informative, and thorough.  Prior to walking into the agency, we still did not know if we would be pursuing domestic or international adoption, nor which agency we would be using.  After tonight, we have decided that this agency is ours, and we will be going the domestic route.  A ton of research, discussion, and debating went into this decision.  I had heard that nearly all domestic adoptions are open (meaning that the child sees his/her birth parents, and they know your full name and possibly address).  I know that I should be more trusting of others, but this situation would make me very nervous.  As a result, we were going to go the international route.  However, the international route is typically more costly, and often requires to separate visits to the country.  Being that Olivia is so young, we didn’t see how we could possibly make that work.  In addition, if we were to adopt internationally, the child would be a bit older (most likely at least 2 years old).  
After attending this evening’s meeting, we learned that they offer semi-open adoption.  In this situation, we would send pictures and write-ups about the child to the agency, who would then be able to share them with the birthparents, if they chose to see them.  We also discussed that we don’t need to travel around the world to find a child who needs a loving home.  There are so many children right here who need families.  After we made our decision, it just seemed “right.”  We are thrilled to begin our adoption journey that will most likely not take us too far from home.

Tomorrow I will be mailing our pre-application to the agency so that we can truly begin the process of completing our family.

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