Preschool Blog

Happy New Year

I can’t believe that 2015 is coming to an end! Every year since Olivia was born, we have our family over for a Rockin’ New Years party (which usually ends sometime around 10:00!) We manage to stuff ourselves full of junk food in that short amount of time though! Olivia and I went to the party store this week and bought hats for her and my nephew. We also made our own noise makers using paper plates, tape, beans, and markers. These were super simple to make. I just folded the paper plate in half, and taped ¾ of the sides shut. I decided not to use staples so that the kiddies didn’t cut their fingers. We then poured the beans into the plate, and taped up the remaining opening and voila! Our noisemakers were ready for the party! Since we knew that we wouldn’t make it until midnight, we had a countdown that we found on Netflix all set up so that the kids could get the full New Year’s Experience. This year we chose the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins video, and Olivia and her cousin loved it!

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