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Cute as a Button

img_1394One of Olivia’s favorite things to do is create things for her family. Since Christmas is coming up, I wanted to help her to make a keepsake craft that our family would enjoy. My original idea was to make Christmas tree ornaments that everyone could hang on their tree year after year. However, once we finished putting them together, they were way too big to be ornaments. They were super cute though, and I didn’t want to abandon the idea completely, so our Christmas tree ornaments became Christmas tree magnets!

Here are the materials that we used for these gifts:
– Wide craft sticks (3½ for each gift)
– Green paint
– Brown paint
– Buttons
– Glue
– A photo of Olivia

Olivia and I worked together to paint some of the craft sticks green, and the others brown. I cut the brown sticks in half to be used as the tree’s stem. After they were completely dry, we took the three green sticks, and glued them into a triangle shape. We glued Olivia’s photo behind the tree, so that it acted as a frame, and then glued the brown craft stick, that had been cut in half, to the back of the frame as the tree’s stem. Then it was time to decorate the trees. We glued buttons on as ornaments, but foam stickers, sequins, or glitter would also work well!

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