Preschool Blog

All Sorts of Shapes

itty-bittyOne of Olivia’s favorite things to do is sort her Disney characters.  She has a bunch of plush dolls from the different Disney shows and movies and will just sit and sort them.  It amazes me how long she can stay focused on this task.  I thought I would take advantage of this interest, and apply it to shapes.  I cut shapes out of different colors of construction paper, and had Olivia sort them.  I didn’t specify if she should do the sort by color or shape because I wanted to see what she would do on her own.  I found that she went directly to sorting by color.  I had tried to have her sort by shape after that, but she had a really difficult time understanding what I was asking her to do.  I’m curious to see if she will be able to complete this task when we try it again when she’s a bit older.

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