Preschool Blog

Fun With Pumpkin Seeds

img_1328I had saved some of our pumpkin seeds with the intention of planting them for next year.  Then I remembered that nothing I plant seems to grow, so we used them for a craft instead.  I found a fun video on You Tube that showed how to dye pumpkin seeds.  (I just typed How to dye pumpkin seeds into the search box and clicked on the first video.)  Here is the web address.

It took some time but was very easy.  Olivia helped!  This video said that you needed to bake the seeds, otherwise the color would come off.  Other directions that I had found didn’t mention baking them, so I tried a few before cooking them, and the You Tube video was right!  The color comes right off if you don’t bake them ahead of time.  After our seeds were dry, we used them to make a turkey for Thanksgiving.  I did a search for turkey coloring pages, and just printed one out.  Olivia then glued the seeds onto the turkey until it was all covered up.  This project took a few days, but came out great!

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