Preschool Blog

More Fall Leaves

img_1294 img_1295 Olivia loved our last activity so much that I decided to bring out the paint again for another fall leaf craft.  This time we used zip lock bags for our painting.  I searched leaf coloring pages and printed out a few that I liked.  I then placed the leaves into their own zip lock bags with a few squirts of paint.  Make sure to seal the bag so that the paint doesn’t escape.   It works well if you tape the zip lock bags to a flat surface like a wall or floor so that your child can easily spread the paint around from the outside of the bag leaving their hands paint free!  The messy part of this craft was the base of the tree.  I painted Olivia’s feet brown, and placed her footprints onto white construction paper.  After the footprints and leaves had dried, I cut feet out and placed one above the other, making a tree trunk.  I also cut out the leaves.  Olivia then glued the leaves she had made to the top of her trunk.



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