Preschool Blog

Looks Good Enough to Eat

img_1330Olivia really isn’t into eating candy yet – although I have a feeling that will change at Halloween!  Whether you’re eating it or not, it’s everywhere you go – especially candy corn.  So today, we made our own candy corn out of construction paper.  For this craft, I searched for “candy corn coloring page,” and printed it out.  I had also ripped up pieces of orange, yellow and white construction paper.  I had Olivia do some ripping as well, to develop those little muscles in her hands.  I covered up all but the smallest of the three candy corn sections, and had Olivia glue the white construction paper pieces to it.  She is a big fan of glue sticks! We then followed this step by gluing orange in the middle, and yellow pieces of paper to the largest section.  This craft was great for developing fine motor skills!

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