Preschool Blog

Smells Like Fall!

img_1303Last week we went apple picking, which is one of my favorite fall activities!  I’m not sure if it’s really the apple picking that I love, or the delicious cinnamon donuts that they sell at the farm.  Either way, we always make fun memories!  We’ve gone every year since Olivia was born, and this year was the first one that Olivia could do some of the apple picking herself.  We always end up with too many apples when we get home, so we need to find some fun ways to eat them.  Today Olivia and I made apple crisp.  We always use the prepared mix from Cracker Barrel (which means that we also get a delicious dinner when we go to buy the mix).  All that you need to add to the mix is butter and cut up apples.  I did the cutting and peeling, but Olivia had a great time placing the apples into the baking dish, and adding the crumbly topping.  As always, it turned out delicious and was devoured in just a few days!

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