Preschool Blog

Apples, Apples, Everywhere!

img_1329This time of year always reminds me of apples – apple picking, apple crisp, apple donuts, apple pie…  So today we made an apple craft that helped Olivia to work on her fine motor skills.  I started by cutting a circle out of white cardstock.  Together, Olivia and I ripped up little pieces of red construction paper (great for developing those little hand muscles).  After we had a bunch of paper scraps, Olivia started gluing.  She really enjoys using a glue stick, and does a great job keeping the glue on the paper.   We’re still working on remembering to put the cap on, but we’ll get there!  After Olivia made the entire apple red, I gave her a small piece of white construction paper and had her color it brown.  (We didn’t have brown paper).  When she was done coloring, she glued the brown paper to the top of the apple, as its stem.

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