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Calendar Time

img_1378When I was teaching first grade, I always loved our morning circle time.  It always had such a cozy feel to it.  It was a great time for the entire class came together, and share any information that needed to be shared.  One of the pieces that I enjoyed was the calendar.  I felt that it was important for the students to know what day it was, as well as what day would come next, and how all of that fit into our year.  I was curious to see if Olivia would be able to handle similar tasks, and she really seemed to enjoy working with the calendar.  For Olivia’s calendar, I went to a dollar plus type of store, and purchase a tri-fold board.  I made some of the items for the calendar myself, and found the others on  I printed and laminated a card that said “Today is.”  Underneath I added Velcro so that Olivia could update the board, to indicate the appropriate day.  I found printable days of the week cards online.  I cut them out, laminated them, and added Velcro.  These were added to the left side of the tri-fold board.  I also made cards that said, “Yesterday was,” and “Tomorrow will be.”  I know that she is not ready for these concepts yet, so they did not get added to the board.  In the center of the tri-fold board, and set up the calendar.  I found printable months of the year cards to be added to the top of the calendar.  I made my own labels for the days of the week and holidays, and found printable date cards online.  I added Velcro to the board, so that each of the dates could be displayed.  On the right side of the board, I made labels that said “The weather is.”  I found printable weather cards.  There were a few types of weather that were missing from these set, so I made my own.  All of these pieces were printed out, laminated, and had Velcro added to them.

All printable items were found at

Below are links to PDFs of the printables that I created.
calendar-cards days-of-the-week more-weather today-is

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