Preschool Blog

First Day of School!

img_1290Since Olivia will not yet be attending preschool, I decided that we would do our own school at home!  She is super excited about going to school in Daddy’s office, and insisted on dressing up for her first day – “Anna braids” and all!  For Olivia’s school days, I plan to give her a variety of activities that will help to develop her knowledge of letters, numbers, and shapes.  We will also work on fine motor skills, taking turns (eventually), and having tons of fun!  Today we did a couple of first day of school activities that I plan to keep forever!  The first was a handprint poem that I found online.  I retyped the poem and then had Olivia add her handprints.  I also printed out a paper for Olivia to draw her “first picture on the first day of school.”  I plan to also have her create a “last picture on the last day of school.” We are certainly not in a rush to get there though.  We had a great first day, and I’m truly looking forward to sharing this time with her – and telling you all about it!

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